Tricia Riel Saunders

P.O. Box 170706  San Francisco, CA  94117

(415) 385-4376  e-mail:



            *Humboldt State University, Masters in Theatre Production (Actor Emphasis)

              Directing, Producing Shows and Events, & Writing were strong elements of this program

              Thesis:  Acting & Performance as Cathartic Healing, 2003

            *Syracuse University, Newhouse School of Public Communications

              Major:  Speech Communication & Philosophy, Bachelor's Degree, 1987

              (Minor in Film & Political Science)

            *Syracuse Division of International Programs Abroad  (London, 1985)

  Extensive travel in England, Ireland, Scotland, & well as visits to France, Holland,

  Austria, Italy, Germany, Israel, and The Soviet Union.

            *Central School for Art and Design via SU (London, England 1985) Emphasis on Photography

            *Other International Travel to Kenya, Tanzania, Jamaica, Thailand, Cambodia, & India

            *HSU Computers for the Classroom, 2002-2003

              (Graphics, Spread Sheets, Internet, Creating Hyperlinks, Power Point Presentations, etc…)

            *City College of SF (continuing education) 1994-1998 (Anatomy, Physiology, & Chemistry)

              Languages studied have included Spanish, Chinese, German, Sanskrit, and Swahili

            *International School of Massage (SF, CA) 1988-1989 (Certified in Swedish, Shiatsu, Foot

              Reflexology, Deep Tissue, and Basic Principles of Acupressure & Acupuncture)


Related Work Experience:

            *Assistant Director for Feature Film, “Black Men Can Swim” (Atlanta, 2006)

              Coordinated all Crew & Talent, Actor Coaching, Dialect Coaching, Script Supervision,

              Recycling Fairy

            *Production Coordination for 25-minute Film, “Mathamma, The Mother Goddess” (India, 2005)

              Location Scouting, Casting, Coordination of Talent & Crew, Planned & Scheduled Shots with

              DP, Assisted on Negotiations with Indian Producer, Attended Formal Functions for Diplomatic


            *Synapses Arts, (Eureka, CA 2003-2005)  Regular MC for Monthly Performances 

            *SOMA Acupuncture & Naturopathic Medicine Clinic (1999-2003)

  Front Desk (Responsibilities included Reception, Scheduling, Filing, Record Keeping,  

  Caring for Facilities, Calls in to Insurance Companies, Dealing with codes and Accounts  

  Payable, and Education of the Public about Alternative Health)

            *The Mindful Body (yoga & health center) 1996-1999

              Management of the Center Facilities, Front Desk, Scheduling, Balancing Monetary Intake,

              Ordering Supplies, Working with Volunteers, Input in Managerial Meetings, Training, Hiring

              and Firing of all Front Desk Staff.

            *SF Greens Party Organizer (SF, 1988-1990)  Co-wrote Spiritual Platform for SF Greens,

              Practiced Consensus Building & Held Regular Meetings, Created Action Plans, Attended Talks,

              Created SF Nuclear Free Zone, Got Curbside Recycling on SF Streets, Stilt-Walker in Rallies

            *American Peace Test “The Cockroaches”  (Nevada, 1989-1991)  Organized via The Body of the

              Whole, Facilitated Meetings, Formed Solidarity Groups, Held Educational Workshops on Non-

              Violent Protesting

            *Fillmore House Manager (SF, CA 1990-1997)

              Initiated/Facilitated/Organized Household Functions, Meetings & Accounts Payable.

            *Greenpeace (1988) Management of Retail Store, Taking Inventory, Restocking Shelves,

              Opening & Closing, Training New Employees, Ordering, Arranging Displays, Customer Service


Related Work Experience (continued):


            *Operation Crossroads Africa (NY based non-profit organization) Tanzania, East Africa, 1987

              Headed Fundraising Campaign, Presentation, Photography, Historical Writer for the Group,

              Manual Labor, Diplomatic Work (attending ceremonies & functions with Leaders of the Party)

            *Anti-Apartheid Divestment Movement Organizer (Syracuse, 1986-1987)  Organizer for Talks

              with keynote speakers like Jesse Jackson, construction of on-campus “Shanty Towns,” etc..

*Syracuse University Day Hall (Syracuse, 1983-1985)  Social Chairman for Entire Dormitory

  Planned & Coordinated Social Events for all 760-Residents (Parties, Food Drives, Decore, etc..)

            *In-Sight Rhode Island (Providence, RI) Mock Legislature for Youth Student Council Officers

            *Close-Up (Washington DC) Mock Legislative Student Body Passing Bills via “Congress” 

            *Chariho Regional (Charlestown, RI) Social Chairman & Student Council Officer, Honors

            *CAST (Creative & Artistic Students with Talent) Special Drama Student Program in RI, 81-83

            *AP Student (part of the Accelerated Math Program at Chariho, in RI), 1981-1983


Other Organization/Creative Work:

            *Kids On Camera TV Acting School (1996-present) Teaching & Directing kids (ages 4-17)

              On-camera Commercial and Character Work, Creating Lesson Plans, Working with

              Videographer, and Directing On-camera Improvisations.

            *LEAP Artists in the Schools Programs (2008) Headed Program at John YeHall Chin School, SF

              (Working with Diverse Populations & a variety of ages, Created Curriculum, Taught all Drama

              Classes for Entire School, was Responsible for Costumes, & Directing all 240-students in a

              Final Creative Assembly)

            *Swivel Arts (2007 & 2008) Created “From The Page to the Stage” Curriculum for Spring Break

              Classes, & was a Drama Teacher for numerous Summer Camps

            *Zephrum Gates & The Mysterious Purple Haze (Wrote & Published Book in 2005)

              Book appeared in NY Times Book Review

*Wavy Gravy’s WinnaRainbow Performing Arts Camp (CA, 2005-2008), Taught Gymnastics &

  Physical Comedy, Directed Shows, Facilitated “All-Nations Day” Mock Non-Violent Protests

            *European Circus Tour (2006)  Planned Travel Itinerary to England, Ireland, Spain, & Austria

            *Island Gymnastics (Martha’s Vineyard, 2007-2008), Headed Circus Program on the Island

            *Circus Smirkus (Vermont, 2004) Taught Gymnastics, Partner Acrobatics, & Physical Comedy

            *Humboldt State University Assistant Professor (2001-2003) 

              Taught a Variety of University Classes (Scene Study, Partner Acrobatics, Dialects, Improv)

            *CarpetBag Brigade Stilt-Walking Group (Advertising & Promotion) 2003-2004 Northern CA

            *Doggie Time (self-run Dog Walking business SF, CA) Managed all aspects of the Business

              (Cared for Dogs, Communicated with Clients, Accounting, and Advertising) 1998-2000

*Bay Hills Home School Group, Berkeley (Drama Teacher & Director, ages 4-17, 1994-97) 

  Planned classes, integrated Parent Volunteers, Directed Physical Comedy Night & Spring shows

*SF League of Urban Gardeners, (SF, 1995)  Compost Education & Theatrical Shows in SF

*Re-Festival Recycling Show (Alameda County)  Educational Theatre in Public Schools

            *Wise Fool Puppet Intervention (non-profit children's educational theatre organization)

              Facilitated Workshops, Headed Advertising, Promotion, and Public Relations, Created Material

              and Performed as well.  Shows were on Alternative Energy, Culture, & More.  (1990-1994) 



            *Judy Berlin (Director of Kids On Camera) SF, CA

            *Deborah Ben-Eliezer (Director of Swivel Arts), SF, CA

            *Julie McDonald (Director of LEAP, Artists in the Schools Programs), SF, CA


            *Writing, Politics, Environment, Dialects, Juggling, Gymnastics, Swimming, and Horses