Tricia Riel Saunders

PO Box 170706

San Francisco, CA  94117

(415) 385‑4376




*Masters in Acting/Theatre Arts, Humboldt State University (Arcata, CA), 2003

Thesis:  Acting as Cathartic Healing (& Authenticity in Humor)

Independent study projects:  Improvisation and Vocal Dialects

Committee Advisors:  Bernadette Cheyne, Margaret Kelso, & Theresa May


*B.A. in Visual & Performing Arts, Syracuse University (Syracuse, NY), 1987

            Major Emphasis:  Speech Communication/Visual & Performing Arts

            Minor Emphasis:  Film & Cinema History

*Syracuse International Programs, (London), 1985

Extensive travel in England, Ireland, Scotland, & well as visits to other countries (France, Holland, Austria, Italy, Germany, Israel, Jamaica, The Soviet Union, Thailand, Cambodia, & India).


Other Training:


*San Francisco School of Circus Arts (Trampoline, Trapeze, & Juggling), SF, CA

(Various workshops and classes from 2001‑2008)

*Synapses Performance Art Space  Eureka, CA (2004-2007)

Regular training with Aerial Collective, Winter Dance Intensive, MC for Monthly Shows

*AIRcata Physical Arts (Floor Gymnastics & Trampoline), Arcata, CA (2003-2005)

*Keith Johnstone & Bay Area Theatre Sports, San Francisco, CA (2001)

Improvised Shakespeare, Improvised Musicals, Writing, and Power Improv

*Voice One (Dialects studied with Doug Honoroff of Yale), San Francisco, CA (1999-2000)

Metro NY, Southern USA, Received Pronunciation, London, Cockney, Irish, and Chinese

*Voice Media (commercials & characters with Susan McCollum), SF, CA (1996‑1997)

*Goldston & Johnson School for Mimes, Gambier, Ohio (1996)

*Contraband Performance Art Training (modern dance, contact improv, & percussion)

San Francisco, CA (ongoing classes & performances from 1989‑1998)

*Terry Sendgraff’s Low Flying Trapeze School, Berkeley, CA (1990)

*The Dell Arte' School of Physical Theatre, Blue Lake, CA (1990)

            Clowning, Alexander Technique, & Commedia Dell Arte’

*John Sims Center for the Arts (Tap Dancing & Percussion), SF, CA (1989)

*Academy of the Sword, Stage Combat School, Berkeley, CA (1988)






Academic Teaching Experience:

Humboldt State University, Theatre Film & Dance

Teaching Assistant

Dialects Study (THEA 415/615)

Taught classes in professor’s absence, graded quizzes, independently

coached monologues & scenes, assisted with teaching in each class.


Humboldt State University, Physical Education Department, (2003-2004)

Teaching Assistant

Acro‑Balance (PE 289)

Demonstrated all postures & tricks with the teacher, helped spot students,

brain-stormed with teacher about teaching strategies, coached choreography created by students


Humboldt State University, Theatre Film & Dance, (2002)

Teaching Assistant

Scene Study (THEA 225)

Helped plan lessons, developed teaching strategies, graded papers, solo taught parts of each class, planned & led relevant warm‑ups, and independently coached sessions for all major scenes.


Kids On Camera, TV Acting School, (San Francisco, CA) 1996‑present

Teacher, Coach, & Director

Coach for on‑camera commercials & character work, as well as physical comedy, monologues, & games.  Create lesson plans, write student evaluations, work with videographer, & direct on‑camera improvisations, as well as team teaching & running Summer Camps.


Circus Smirkus, (Crafstbury Common, Vermont) Summer 2005

Acrobatics & Clowning Coach (ages 6‑17)

Team taught, developed a variety of classes (Partner‑Acro, Contact

Improv, Mini‑Tramp, Clowning, & Juggling), dressed for theatrical theme

dinners, performed in staff shows, & choreographed & directed pieces

in Bi‑weekly Camp Shows


San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, (Santa Clara University, CA) Summer 1999

Teacher & Coach (teens)

Directed Advanced Shakespearean scene work for teens culminating in final performance presentations.


Bay Hills Home Educator's Group, (Berkeley, CA) 1997‑1999

Drama Teacher & Director  (ages 5‑17),

Taught Drama, Comedy, and Improvisation.  Developed daily lesson plans, as well as directed full plays and comedy nights at the end of each session.



Other Professional Activities:

*RATS (Redwood Area Theatre Sports Improvisational Performance Group)

Regular improv performances, as well as Improvised Murder Mysteries

*CarpetBag Brigade (Stilt‑walking Performance Group)

Promotion for “Mud‑Fire” (press releases, radio spots, flyering, etc..)

*European Tour (England, Ireland, Spain, & Austria) 2006

Performed at Dublin Juggling Festival, Trained in Spain & England

*Tsirkus Picaresque Performed in Circus Oriented Mystery (Eureka, CA) 2007


*Theatre, Film, and Voice‑over

Selected stage roles:  Thyona in Big Love, Veronique St. Pierre in Rez

Sisters, Gracie Allen, Shirley Temple, and Mae West in Stagedoor Canteen, Hermia in Mid‑Summer Night’s Dream, Alice in Alice in Wonderland, Tartaglia in Il’ Impostore, Noidler in Tsirkus Picaresque, Plastica in Earth Madness, Patrice & The Gigajoule in Gigajoules, and various dance roles with The Dance Brigade, Wise Fool Puppet Intervention, & Contraband in SF.  Film work has included small appearances in Flubber & The Majestic, as well as some work in small independent films & commercials.

*Black Men Can Swim (“The Gym”), a feature film set in Atlanta, GA, Fall 2005

Asssistant Director, Actor Coach, Dialogue Coach, Continuity, Casting

Consultant, Recycling Fairy, Photo Documentation & selected roles

within the film)  A “SAG-sperimental.”

*Mathamma/Sacred Mother, a film short dramality set in Andra Pradesh, India, 2005

Production Coordination, as well as Casting, Location Scouting, Coaching, & Continuity

*Music Annex (Various voice‑over jobs for CD‑Roms & Cartoons), starting in 1999

*Professional Astrologer (entertainment for corporate & private parties), 1990‑present

*Voice‑One (Voice‑Over Teacher for teens, focus on commercials/characters), 1999‑2000

*Re‑Festival Recycling Show, 1995‑1996

Physical Theatre Show touring through Alameda County School District, Interactive show for 1st‑3rd grades

*Wise Fool Puppet Intervention, 1991‑1995

(non‑profit children's educational theatre organization)  Facilitation of workshops, heading advertising & PR (created material & performed in San Francisco parks and schools)

*Contraband Performance Group, SF (political performance art group), 1989‑1999

Performer through Theatre Arteaud & San Francisco Arts Commission

(choreographers:  Sarah Shelton Mann, Kim Epifano, & Julie Kane)

*The Urban Love Warriors, SF (“STOMP‑like” drum & dance group), 1991‑1994

Performer through John Sims Center & SF Arts Commission

(Director:  Jules Jonas Beckman)

*Tara Howley's Children’s Stories, 1998

Town's people's voices in "The Grumbly Grump"

*Operation Crossroads Africa, Tanzania (NY based non‑profit organization), 1987

Fundraising, presentation, photography, manual labor & diplomatic work


Irene Ryan Scholarship Nomination for Acting (2000-2001)


Other Teaching:


*LEAP Imagination in Learning (San Francisco, CA), 2008

            Theatre-based Artists in Residencies at John YeHall Chin & Pacifica Elementary.

            Intensive projects culminating in Full Plays for all 11 classrooms at JYC

…& performable gags & improvs at the Pacifica School.

*Camp WinnaRainbow Performance Camp, (Laytonville, CA) Summers 2006 ‑08

Gymnastics & Clowning (ages 6‑17) also taught specialty classes (Hat Trick

Manipulation, Juggling, spotter for Trapeze, Fabric & Cloud Swing),

performed in staff shows, performed with my wonder‑dog (Nakita),

attended all group functions (dances, shows, & award ceremonies).

*Island Gymnastics (Martha’s Vineyard, MA) Summer 2007-2008

            Started the first ever Circus Camp on the island.  Created lesson plans & taught trapeze,

partner-acrobatics, juggling, physical comedy, & fabric.  Directed performances, and

assisted Gymnastics Camp as well.

*Swivel Arts (San Francisco, CA) 2007-2008

Taught Physical Comedy, Improv, Interpretive Dance, Partner-Acro, Games, &

“From the Page to the Stage” (a writing oriented workshop week for young actors)

*Acro‑Sports, (San Francisco, CA) 2007-2008

Lead Partner‑Acro Workshops for kids & adults

*American Gymnastics Club, (SF, CA) 2007-2008 (lead Level 1‑4 classes in all events)

Floor, Beam, Bars, Trampoline, Vault, Conditioning

*Burning Man (Black Rock Desert, NV) 2005-2006 (Taught Contact Improv at Contact Camp)

*Fuente Nueva Charter School, Arcata, CA (Physical Comedy K-3rd), 2005

*Island Co‑Housing, Martha’s Vineyard, Mass (Summer 2003 & 2005)

Physical Comedy & Juggling for ages 7‑9

*YogaNita Studios, Watch Hill, RI (Summer 2003 & 2004)

Physical Comedy & On‑Camera Training for ages 9‑12

*Freshwater School, Arcata, CA

Drama Teacher for after school Physical Comedy & Improv classes, 2002‑04

*Humboldt County School District (Substitute Teacher for all age levels), 2002‑2006

*Monroe Elementary School, San Leandro, CA, 1998‑1999

Drama Teacher (Theatre programs culminating in full stage productions)

*Head Over Heels, Emeryville, CA

Gymnastics Teacher (for beginners & upper levels) 1997‑1998

*Marin County Enrichment Programs, Mill Valley, CA  Gymnastics Teacher, 1995‑96


Books/Plays/Projects in Progress:

Framed, Hurricane Watchers, & The Drink (all 10‑Minute Plays)

Sharpshooter Madness, Millennial Fever, & Orphan (all One Act Plays)

The Wondrous World of The Gwoo Woos (children’s book)

Who is The Winter Solstice Faerie? (children’s book)

Zephrum Gates & The Mysterious Purple Haze (inspired by the Harry Potter books, environmentally subversive, very funny, & first published in the Fall of 2005)


Special Skills:

Contact improv dance, Tap dance, Modern, Gymnastics, Trapeze, Stilt

Walking, Walking on Crutches, Physical Comedy, Creative Writing,  

Juggle three objects, Hand to hand stage combat, Guitar, Drums, Piano, 

Horseback Riding, Kung Fu, Bicycle, Unicycle, Ice skating, Swimming



Bernadette Cheyne

HSU Theatre Dept.

Acting Professor

Arcata, CA  95521

(707) 826‑3566


Judy Berlin  j‑

“Kids On Camera”

P.O. Box 6203

San Rafael, CA  94903

(800) 640‑5315


Jyl Hewston

HSU Theatre Dept.

Acting Professor

Arcata, CA  95521

(707) 826‑5409


                        Deborah Ben-Eliezer

                        Director of Swivel Arts &

                        Voice-over collaborator

                        San Francisco, CA

                        (415) 595-4207